It was a couple of years ago, while I was traveling around the country. The children followed our van, I think they needed everything. AIDS, Covid and overexploitation of natural resources were some of the causes of their orphanhood, rags and thinness. 

Despite this, they smiled and danced, because the affection we offered them was also necessary to them, although they did not understand it as sufficient. That’s why I bought bags of rice and I didn’t stop doing it when I returned, when a handful of stubborn idealists got together and looked for a way to build a little house, where when it rained they wouldn’t get wet, and although crowded, they could rest safe from insects and malaria.

But we didn’t stop and continued “scraping” resources (donations), sending clothes; and racking our brains to give it shape, carrying out micro projects that opened paths, that brought them together and gave them hope, that helped them obtain their own resources, to be independent.

Logo, website , t-shirts and online products . Acquisition of weaving machines (second hand) and production of crafts for sale of souvenirs. Kitchen material, to be able to offer catering to tourists… and now the hotel.

Our services

Donate to children in our service.

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At 50$ per 3 months, Education sponsorship for a child is very possible and even with more, we are able to create such a lasting impact for a child at our orphanage home
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Like any other African Country, Uganda also faces a problem of safe water supply. you can help in many ways such as providing the water filters which can be used by the children to drink pure water, we could even extended it to the community around us.
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Any kind of help relating to the health of a child is highly welcome. This can be inform of donating any health care services and materials. We welcome a team of doctors and nurses welling to offer free medical services to the children and even to the community around us.
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We provide support and advice on nutrition and social care to children, their families and the wider community, equipping them with the knowledge and means to lead a safe and healthy life. You can help in buying food for the orphans at as low as 10$.

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Helping today

Our Mission

To empower the orphans, Girl-child, women and men groups, to act and strive to improve their livelihood.



Our entrusted Vision

A community of integrity among the orphans, girl-child and women and men groups of Rubirizi District for sustainable livelihood and improve social welfare.

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